Municipality of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

CLIENT: Municipality of Rotterdam, The Netherlands

LOCATION: Rotterdam

SPACE: Office Communal areas

COMPLETION: 2015-12-31

PHOTOS: Scagliola Brakkee



The municipality of Rotterdam recently moved to their new municipal offices in 'De Rotterdam', designed by OMA. The interior design of the 33 office floors by Group A and Studio Makkink & Bey features an interior that reflects a ‘vertical city’, which connects ‘urban junctions’ for collective use, meeting spaces and interaction. The meeting areas are furnished with numerous colourful Prooff WorkSofas and SideSeats. Prooff's SitTable was integrated in the healthcare area to facilitate a multifunctional waiting area.


As part of the integrated design, GROUP A and Studio Makkink & Bey were able to formulate their vision in an urban planning concept. The welcome area on the 22nd floor and the restaurant on the 21st floor form the ‘city centre’. The work spaces, meeting areas and concentration rooms form the ‘neighbourhoods’. The more specific functions of the work environment, such as the conference rooms and lounge areas, meeting areas for specific purposes, quiet zones and service facilities, form the ‘city squares’ and ‘parks’.


The ‘New Ways of Work 010’ consists of a large central ‘living room’, with a reading/conference table and a pantry/coffee corner; the ideal meeting place for each ‘neighbourhood’. Each floor is also furnished with a variety of work spaces, informal and formal meeting rooms and quiet zones. Every other floor has been given a special theme: either ‘square’ or ‘park’, in accordance with the vertical city concept. The square and park floors have larger conference rooms and quiet informal meeting spaces. The service functions are clustered and form specific ‘squares’. This gives the building superintendent, mail room, security, occupational physician, breast feeding rooms and treatment facilities for the physiotherapists a central location in the building, specially designed for their unique needs and preferences.

Scagliola Brakkee

Scagliola Brakkee

Included in De Rotterdam