Eidsiva Broadband, Norway
Lillehammer, Norway

CLIENT: Eidsiva Broadband, Norway

LOCATION: Lillehammer

SPACE: Office Communal areas

COMPLETION: 2014-09-30

PHOTOS: Espen Grønli



Eidsiva Broadband offers broadband access via its own infrastructure to customers in the residential and business market. The management decided to take a next step in its efforts to raise employee satisfaction and decided to conduct a comprehensive change to activity based working (ABW). Objective: to become the best workplace in Norway! Prooff EarChair and WorkSofa were chosen in the interior concept. And we can only agree when looking at the results: they've reached their objective. 


The company currently has around 115 employees at its headquarters in Lillehammer, Norway. In cooperation with Dutch company Veldhoen AB, Eidsiva conducted occupancy measurements and activity analyzes and (re)defined their guiding principles. This resulted in a blueprint for the number of working and meeting/collaboration spaces for the company. In addition the number of seats was broken down into different focus levels. Architect Asplan Viak was asked to design the interior concept.

Espen Grønli

Credits: Espen Grønli
Credits: Espen Grønli

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