5 insights to improve well-being at work

What role can workplace interior play to enhance well-being at work? We asked the experts.

Insight 1
Facilitate change to generate ideas
Insight 2
Healthy and natural conditions influence decision-making
Insight 3
The importance of great leadership
Insight 4
From fight-or-flight to rest-and-digest
Insight 5
The way we work is changing significantly
Is your workspace #futureprooff?

With over €300 billion lost to stress worldwide, we believe we need a new paradigm on work.


At Prooff, we develop innovative products for the public domain and the progressive office. That is why we asked innovation manager Govert Flint to set up this 'Future Prooff' research as a way to explore new solutions for increased well-being at work. The insights he gathered along the way pose some interesting thoughts for a new look on the workplace of the future.

The benefits of applying well-being at work

  • More creative employees that easily see new business opportunities
  • Businesses gain more resilience for the future
  • Bigger positive impact, less stress and more happiness in the workspace
We’ve asked the experts.

To get a grip on the broad definition of well-being, Govert Flint interviewed 6 specialists following Alan Watkins’ model on performance. Together, this series of interviews provide a full spectrum on how to innovate the work landscape to achieve well-being.

Elizabeth Nelson
Head of research & innovation at Learn Adapt Build
Florijn Vriend
Product Lead Well-being at Edge Technologies
Peter van Eijndhoven
Founder Senter Human Development
Monique Frings-Dresen
Department head at CIAG, full professor in occupational health and medicine
Pieter Desmet
Prof. Design for Experience at TU Delft
Erik Lanting
Founder of Lanting Consulting
Want more well-being at work?

Get 5 insights to create a healthier workspace:

  • Based on research from experts in the field
  • A full spectrum on well-being
  • Filled with hands-on solutions.