1. Deloitte (Budapest, HU)

International consulting firm Deloitte asked Madi Lancos Studio to make their 5,200 m2 Budapest office more suited to the changing needs of their staff and to provide space for the different generations to work closer together. Prooff’s Niches and the PhoneBoxes were specifically chosen to strengthen these objectives and what Deloitte stands for. 


2. Municipality of Rotterdam (Rotterdam, NL)

The staff at the municipality of Rotterdam are quite the lucky people. In 2014 they moved into their new ‘home’’ in De Rotterdam, designed by renowned architect Rem Koolhaas, towering over the synonymous river the Rotte. Group A and Studio Makkink & Bey transformed the bare interior into welcoming ‘’neighbourhoods’’ where staff works collectively and individually in the SitTable, the WorkSofas and the SideSeats spread across various floors. (Photo credit Scagliola Brakkee)


3. Westpac (Sydney, AU)

With references to the Australian narrative of gathering around the shed, the campfire and the veranda architectural firm Geyer created a truly immersive experience for the 60,000 m2 headquarter of Westpac in Sydney. The integrated WorkSofas and SitTable pretty much encapsulates what the team was going for: a human-centred approach by facilitating an innovative, flexible working environment for this Australian bank.


4. Virgin Money (Edinburgh, UK)

Spacelab delivered a world class headquarter for Virgin Money where they maximised the foundation for face-to-face communication and collaboration. Enter in a mixture of subtle references to the sky and the brand’s bold colour, injecting the EarChairs with Virgin red!


5. REA Group (Melbourne, AU)

From New Ways of Working, to Activity Based Working and to Agile working, the ultimate workspace keeps evolving. Designers fromFuturespace merged these worlds for client REA Group, to create the perfect space where staff is energised and freed from legacy technology and appointed workspaces. And the incorporated SitTables and WorkSofas are a culmination of this vision! (Photo credit Nicole England)


6. SPACES (New York, USA)

Everyone wants to take advantage of the benefits coworking workspaces offer, like more co-creation, flexibility and better dynamics. Take a cue from SPACES, with its Dutch roots, taking over the world. Interior architect Maarten Jamin outfitted the 3,200 m2 New York location with WorkSofas to help start-ups and entrepreneurs achieve these specific advantages.


7. Eidsiva Bredband (Lillehammer, NO)

Any workspace (re)fit benefits from starting out with a clear objective. And architects Asplan Viak made sure to achieve the goal client Eidsiva Bredband had in mind: to become the best workplace in Norway. The results are in: staff is very positive of the outcome and with some support of the Prooff WorkSofas and EarChairs there is always a space for spontaneous and private meetings. (Photo credit Espen Grønlie)


8. Thalys (Brussel, BE)

A compact, warm and welcoming space for working and meeting is all you need when being a (corporate) traveller on the go. Dirk De Leeuw Architects created just that for the Brussel based lounge of railway company Thalys. This is where the PhoneBoxes lay the groundwork for phone calls and having a quick work on your tablet, having charging points, reduced noise and a sense of privacy on hand. 


9. UBM (London, UK)

Room for collaboration, creativity and concentration -with a view- got a boost at UBM’s London offices. Internationally acclaimed architecture firm Gensler captured the B2B media company’s spirit in its new workplace, beautifully incorporating the EarChairs and the SideSeats. 


10. Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam, NL)

Opening up the palette of different ways of working and meeting is at every ones best interest. This and the ambition to merge the different departments to bring about more co-creation is at the heart of what interior architect Michiel Raats realized for cultural organisation Het Nieuwe Instituut. Now staff moves between the EarChair for private non-confidential conversations, join their colleagues with a OffSize at their desk and have collaborative meetings in the WorkSofa and SitTable. 

2016 signifies our 10 year anniversary, as Prooff was launched at the 2006 Biennale Interieur (Kortrijk). To celebrate this we’d love to share our insights and inspiration on the progressive and innovative workspace with you. All in list form, because who doesn't love a good list! Check out all the lists here and celebrate with us using #Prooff10

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