As with any great product, there must have been an initial idea, do tell us!

Bert Masselus: “What I’ve noticed a lot in my experience as an architect is that both in work and at home people keep coming back to join each other at a table to share their stories, opinions, updates and so much more. Adding the proven fact that meetings are more effective when done in informal environments and informal ways rather than having a seat in traditional meeting rooms.

Taking this into account whilst at the same time knowing that it takes patience and willpower to adjust personal habits and preferences, I thought of the idea to combine best of both worlds. Integrating both sitting and standing in one table, without the hassle of dragging extra chairs to accommodate all involved. And because of the height of the table quite literally changing ones viewpoint and scenery, it aids in giving you a different outlook on whatever you are working on.

Also the JoinTable reminisces of a high table in a bar or a picnic table, both having a strong social function, which subtly provokes a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. Everyone gathered around the JoinTable shares the same eye level. All of this brings people together on multiples levels, not just the physical.”


So the JoinTable is clearly a hybrid. What is your point of view on the importance of this in projects?

“Well, the current trend of reducing and optimizing square metres of office space is still on the rise. So it is inherent that interior and furniture designed right now must perform at an outstanding level to maximize performance and answer to the markets current and future needs.

Multifunctional furniture, like the JoinTable, is a great solution to this quest. Improving wellbeing, equality and a space for all to commune. Both at work and in public spaces.”

Can you share an example of the JoinTable being integrated successfully?

“In the workplace of Ghent-based marketing agency Oink the JoinTable takes centre stage. These young creatives from Belgium needed a central hub for receiving clients, informal meetings, brainstorm sessions, and a spot to lunch together. The JoinTable fitted the bill and is used daily to everyone’s liking. Concluding the workweek on Fridays with drinks at the heart of their office definitely adds to the attraction.”


What other solutions does the JoinTable offer evolving workspaces?

“In my opinion meeting each other in real life is even more crucial now, because of the rise of digital communication tools. The JoinTable provides a great opportunity to generate a sense of togetherness in both the arena of work and public space. On top of this it combines durable materials with sitting and standing in one design and in & outdoor usability in one design. Creating a vibrant hub in any modern workspace whilst boosting collaboration”, Bert concludes.

What do you say; does the JoinTable fit the bill in your project, workspace or third space? We currently have the 4-seater in stock in black and white.
Find out more about the JoinTable finest details and specs here. And contact us for a personal price offer.

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