Random Acts of Kindness Tombola


Kindness is key when it comes to spreading the cheer around the office. Join the paying-it-forward mentality and arrange for a weekly Random Acts of Kindness Tombola where everyone draws another colleagues name, whose they will secretly show some extra appreciation the following days.
Surprise your colleague by placing an inspiring quote on a sticky note on their laptop, get their favourite coffee or cake, give a nice notebook, share compliments and encouragement. Anything you can do for a smile will work!

Attitude of Gratitude


Gratitude and appreciation gives back tenfold. It is time to recharge your meetings; next time you gather with colleagues do a round of sharing each something you are grateful for. From that tasty cup of coffee, the morning ride without traffic, or that instant reply you got on your email. And while you are at it show some appreciation to the co-worker sitting next to you by complimenting them; recognizing the intentions and effort behind their actions. Acknowledging the goodness in life and in others will strengthen your bond, transcend hierarchy and set an uplifting tone for that meeting.

Talent Show


There is more to life than work alone. Next to the skills we have in our jobs we also have talents and passion for other things. One colleague might be into CrossFit another into yoga. Find a fixed moment each day -let’s say around 15:00 when that afternoon slump hits you- and in turns show and share your talent: 1 minute of Jumping Jacks, 3 minutes of singing that favourite pop song together, 5 Sun Salutations or watch the most laughable YouTube video together. Ideas galore… Get the whole department to join in, success guaranteed for an energy boost!


Be curious, just give it a go! Be forward thinking, what else can you think of to support your colleagues, students, clients and guests to generate positivity, vitality and wellbeing?

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