In the coming weeks Govert will interview several experts and get their view on the future of wellbeing in the workspace. And together with him we will get a well-informed perspective on what the most impactful opportunities are. We’d like to share this journey with you, so sign-up for our newsletter here and get to know first-hand which insights we gained and how these can help you too.

Next week you will get an insider’s view of Govert’s take on what opportunities wellbeing in the workspace holds.

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Our vision is that everything evolves, but wellbeing is key for people to do their very best work. With our collection of 11 innovative furniture pieces we offer premium solutions for more wellbeing in the workspace.

And with Future Prooff we get the chance to explore what other innovations we can imagine, next to the collection. Future Prooff is completely in line with our 3 driving forces of combining our Vision with Insights & Design.

With this new project we get to take another step on our path of endless investigation, not shying away from the experiment and being our progressive and future-oriented self. Future Prooff is about exploring the ever changing work landscape.

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