2. Publisher of furniture design
Unlike what you might think Prooff is not a designer of products, nor a manufacturer. Being a publisher of furniture designs suits us best. Working closely with designers who match our vision of the workspace and a selection of preferred manufacturers that produce the collection for us. We love tapping into each other’s expertise. Besides, not having our own production facility provides us with a lot of flexibility and it enables us to work together with you on custom products.


Photo: WorkSofa at the Municipality of Rotterdam (NL), credit Scagliola Brakkee


3. Starting things off on the right foot
In 2006 we launched Prooff with the EarChair designed by Jurgen Bey. This design, which was originally created in 2002 for the Interpolis offices in Tilburg (NL), was one of the first furniture concepts of its kind: creating a room-in-room solution for privacy within the open space. The EarChair became an iconic, timeless and progressive furniture concept for the office and  public spaces. And to this day the Interpolis project still serves as a ‘’best practice’’ example when talking about New Ways of Working (NWoW) and Activity Based Working (ABW). So you could say we started things off on the right foot!


4. Acoustic accolade
The no. 1 quick-win in workspace design is better acoustics. It just so happens that the majority of our products are chosen for their acoustic and ''shielding'' features. We've actually had them tested: research shows that EarChair reduces the background noise level by 13 dB, PhoneBox by 5 dB and Niche by 17 dB (reference: with a reduction of 10 dB the user experiences half the background noise). So, there you have it, proof that innovative design and functionality can work wonders in your office space. 


Photo: EarChair at Interpolis in Tilburg (NL)


5. Worldwide workspaces
With our global approach we are very blessed to have Prooff furniture pieces being put to the test in workspaces worldwide. From Akzo Nobel in Amsterdam to the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney. From Deloitte in Milan to Rabobank in Hong Kong. And from Spaces Works in New York to UBM in London. Do you have an upcoming project in mind? Contact us!


6. Top notch quality
We explicitly choose to work with a select group of Dutch manufacturers. No mass manufacturing going on here, only family businesses with a rich heritage in producing premium furniture and skilled craftsmen at work. Upholstery wise we prefer textiles from renowned brands like Kvadrat, Camira and FEBRIK, which fit the personality of our designs. Different fabric in mind? Check with us if it works, because we won’t leave anything to chance. 


Photo: SideSeat at UBM in London (UK), photo credit Gensler


7. The Prooff of the pudding is in the eating
As the saying goes… We know that you will fully ''get'' the unique qualities of our products once you give them a try. That is why we’d love to meet you in one of our showrooms in The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and Finland. We can also set up a test-drive at one of the realised projects or come over to your workspace. So no more excuses, we are looking forward to your email or reach us on +31 10 211 00 80.


8. Smart sustainability
In our opinion sustainability is not a buzzword. It is a proactive mindset where you focus on environmentally friendly production and going for products which stand the test of time. All of our products are being made in The Netherlands under strict guidelines. On top of that EarChair, WorkSofa, PhoneBox, Niche and SitTable have all been granted the GreenTag GreenRate Level C certificate.


Photo: SitTable at Living Edge's showroom in Sydney (AUS), photo by Tyrone Branigan


9. Keep exploring
Besides our current collection of 11 furniture solutions for Activity Based Working we set up a side-project in 2013: platform PROOFFLab. It researched the evolving ways we work now and in the future. By working in an interdisciplinary and proactive way there is ample room for experimentation and discussion, whilst finding innovative answers to the challenges public and work spaces face.


10. Meet the team
It might come as a surprise: we have 4 people making up the Prooff team, united in our home base of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Peter Huisman collaborates closely with designers on product development. Esther Kerkmans juggles all from orders to delivery and after sales and Karian van der Haak gets the word out through marketing. Last but not least is founder Leo Schouten keeping a close watch on business.  


Photo: PROOFFLab presentation at Salone del Mobile 2015, photo by Lonneke van der Palen


This article was originally published in 2016, celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and updated in 2018. 

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