2. Freedom
Freedom also plays a big part in creating a sense of wellbeing at work Bart Van Trier of SV Collection (BE) continues: ‘’being able to freely work in an inspiring environment, where there is respect for each personal needs. Where you can move between quiet spaces for focused work and open spaces to connect with colleagues.’’


3. Choice 
According to Jan Bastař of CRE8 (CZ) you need to be able to have a choice in where, how and when you want to work to gain more wellbeing: ‘’The environment such as a living office where everybody can select the type of working environment will definitely add more value.’’


Photo: EarChair at SwungHouse Utrecht (NL)


4. Balance
Patrick Schelvis of SV Collection (NL) notes: ‘’wellbeing starts with the balance of input and output: putting energy in and seeing the results you are working for. Being motivated through an inspiring workspace helps to realise this balance.


5. Proactive
Niina Ojutkangas of Isku Interior (FI) shares about activity and proactivity as key players for more wellbeing: ‘’workstations and work environments of today encourage their users to stay active and change positions. Well-designed functional meeting and conference spaces are easily adaptable to other uses, and this proactive attitude is extremely useful to any organisation.’’


6. Flow
‘’A workspace designed with wellbeing in mind will aid in better work flows and processes. In this environment employees can work more efficiently, faster, motivated and better on their own, which leads to more satisfaction and happiness of employees’’ shares Sarah Ebing of Beck Objekt (DE).


Photo: SitTable at Accent Roesselare (BE)


7. Grow
Being able to grow at work also plays a big role Bart adds: ‘’For lots of people work no longer feels like an obligation but more like a free choice. Where work can help you grow into becoming the person you want to be. Choosing the company and environment in which you feel well makes you both grow on professional and personal levels’’.


8. Support
‘’It is all about creating a perfect mix of functionalities within the workspace which supports people. Fully understanding what kind of work environment, style and functionalities will support the organisation is best done by having an open and inspiring relationship with the end-user and client’’ as mentioned by Patrick.


9. Results
‘’Choosing specific furniture helps guide employees towards more relaxed and natural working positions and movements. It increases productivity, creativity and general wellbeing. Also, wellbeing at work plays an important role in helping employees perform their tasks, consequently, the efficiency of work’’ as shared by Niina.


Photo: WorkSofa at Woonbedrijf (NL), interior by Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe, credit Rene van der Hulst ism Studio Boot


10. Importance
Wellbeing at work should be a focal point for companies nowadays adds Eugene: ‘’Organisations that truly consider the wellbeing of employees will ultimately be the most desirable, attract and retain the best talent, and are more likely to live into the future.’’


Thanks to the conversations we had with a selection of our partners we, and hope you do too, have more insight on what wellbeing for todays and future workspaces will entail.


2016 signifies our 10 year anniversary, as Prooff was launched at the 2006 Biennale Interieur (Kortrijk). To celebrate this we’d love to share our insights and inspiration on the progressive and innovative workspace with you. All in list form, because who doesn't love a good list! Check out all the lists here and celebrate with us using #Prooff10


Photo: SitTable at Microsoft (UK), interior by HLW, credit ©Hufton&Crow

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