The StandTable features multiple heights

Creating space for personal choices


Ben van Berkel (of architecture practice UNStudio) specially designed the StandTable to encourage standing meetings. He shares: ‘’As both a meeting and a work station, the StandTable divides the traditional circular table into three parts and create plateaus of different heights, allowing the user to work in various positions. A place to work at, on, behind, around, the StandTable embodies flexibility in a user-generated way.”

With its different finishes and heights (900, 1000 and 1100 mm) for each of the 3 elements the StandTable creates a designated area and a safe haven for people to show their own personal choice.

The StandTable at UNStudio

Agile working drives interior design


The StandTable fits perfectly in the modern workspace where Agility is key. Ben agrees: ‘’As today’s work stations increasingly become smaller due to digitalization and this trend is predicted to continue in the future, both the compact size and the circular shape of the StandTable station substantially increases spatial efficiency, while stimulating healthy working practices and interactive knowledge exchange.”

He continues: ‘’With the StandTable you can either work alone, or with a small group of people. Clustering a number of stations can also enable short term project based work within larger teams, where the stations can easily be reconfigured when desired, generating interaction, ease of movement and highly flexible working methods.”

Incorporating innovative furniture designs like the StandTable as an integral part of the workspace will surely encourage healthy habits and boost connectivity and communication.

Check out more of the details of the StandTable here.


Photo: The StandTable at UNStudio

Credits: StandTable at Kasbank in The Netherlands
Credits: The StandTable at SV in The Netherlands
Credits: Leo Schouten & Ben van Berkel at the StandTable
Credits: The standTable at Living Edge in Australia

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