Bringing people together


Designer Bert Masselus on the thought process behind the design: ‘’The JoinTable was created to bring people together. And is a great choice for workspaces where informal ways of working are standardized. Where types of work activities need their own solution and space might be limited.‘’

Reminiscent of a picnic table, the JoinTable fosters conversations in an informal way. Unlike a traditional picnic table, however, this unique design can be enjoyed in many different ways as well as in numerous settings, including indoor and outdoor spaces.

Bert continues: ‘’The JoinTable adapts to various kinds of activities at work. From offering a spot to lunch together to daily scrum sessions, it’s a versatile one-size-does-all!’’

Imagine a day at the versatile JoinTable


08 AM: The day starts with a daily Scrum with the team
10 AM: An in-house brainstorm session
13 PM: Time for lunch with your colleagues
14 PM: Hosting a new client meet and greet
4 PM: Time for a Zoom call with your project manager in Australia
6 PM: Celebrate the day together with the team and snacks

Check out more of the details of the 4-seater and 2-seater JoinTable here

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