EarChairs in Miami, FL


Multiple EarChairs were chosen by Andrea Morales to provide some more private, but open-plan, spots for meet-ups and focus-time at HAVAS Media International.

WorkSofa in The Netherlands


Prooff's multifunctional WorkSofa was chosen by Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe for one of the areas at Woonbedrijf (NL). Offering flexibility and choice for people to work where they can be most effective, collaborate and exchange ideas, or reflect and recharge.

Niches in Hungary


Deloitte asked Madi Lancos Studio to make their Budapest office more suited to provide space for the different generations to work closer together. Prooff’s Niches were specifically chosen to strengthen this objective.

BeTween in The Netherlands


The BeTween at Municipality Hollandse Kroon (NL). In collaboration with our Dutch partner SV and interior architect Crielaers & Company.

SitTable in Scotland


The students of Glasgow (Scotland) get to meet each other at the SitTable in their common rooms at the luxury Downing Students housing complex. The Downing property developer chose KKA Interiors to create a new high-end concept for the public spaces of the next generation.

Photo credit McCoy Wynne.

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